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Roof Top Mounts
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Elite Electric Inc, based in Riverside, CA with a solar power division in Oakland, CA has been serving the electrical and solar power industries with the highest quality and competitively priced service since 1978. We are proud to provide a safe, stable and positive working enviroment for our skilled and dedicated employees. We specialize in providing high quality, efficent and dependable PV system design/build and battery storage as well as O&M services for our customers.

Top Solar Contractors

Total Kilowatts Since Founded: 222.540 thru 2019

2019 STATISTICS - Ranked #84 - Total Kilowatts installed 18,745

2018 STATISTICS - Ranked #70 - Total Kilowatts installed 17,591.0

2017 STATISTICS - Ranked #86 - Total Kilowatts installed 14,132.0

2016 STATISTICS - Ranked #75 - Total Kilowatts installed 23,440

2015 STATISTICS - Ranked # 62 - Total Kilowatts installed 23,20

Carl Dawson

CEO & Founder


Mike DeSpain



Phillip Hampton

Senior Project Manager



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